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Welcome to My site!

You may be surprised a little with the content that you will find here but this is just what I want to tell to anybody visiting my pages.

People were obsessed from thousands of years about following topics:

There are some answers today to these questions but all these answers are based or on hypothesis or on belief. There is no single answer that we can be 100% sure. Some are given by religions some by science. Therefore let try to see first where we are living and what is around us, at least, looking as far as we can and let watch those things that we today can see.

I will begin to watch the World starting just from the street I am living and then, step by step, going further as far as possible today. This is my point of living thus; this point is my point from which I can see the World. So, let start the journey!

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Maciej Sowinski, the site owner.