Harmonie Wijk Antwerpen

Park Harmonie and the Harmonie Concert Hall

Harmonie Wijk

Harmoniezaal 2011

Welcome to King Albert Park

Historical perspective

This park was created parallel to the Harmonie Park but some years later. It is bigger, about 4,5 hectare and is located just on the other side of the Koningin Elizabethlaan. Also the idea was similar, to have an additional place to play music.

In the centre of the park there is a music kiosk designed by the same architect that designed the Harmonie Concert Hall, Pieter Dens. The kiosk was constructed in 1876 – 1877 and is built using iron support elements in the form of octagon. The roof provides for very good acoustic regretfully, there are almost no concerts organized today.     

Irone Elements of Music kiosk

On the postcard above we can see the music kiosk at the beginning of 20th century.

Also the details on the iron construction of the kiosk (as seen on the left photograph) suggest that this is not just ordinary music kiosk. This was the first music kiosk in Antwerp and the music kiosk on the Groenplaats, in the centre of Antwerp, is only the later copy of an Albert Park idea but the kiosk itself, it is not better in any aspect.

Below you can see three photos of the sculpture of the black women. This sculpture is made in honor of Camille Coquilhat, an officer of Leopold II that was acting in Congo.

As someone will try to find out what really did Camille in Congo the only question would be why this sculpture is still standing in this park. I also do not know, may it just look nice.

Camille 1 Camille 2 Camille 3

The Gardener house shown below on the left is located in the park near the Koningin Elizabethlaan. The border stone of Antwerp is located on the east corner of park near the Mechelsesteenweg. It should be noted that the logo of famous Antwerp’s bear De Koninck is due this stone. The brewery is located just on the other side of the street facing this border stone.

Gardener House Hand Border Stone

The King Albert Park today

Today the Albert Park is surrounded by three streets with buildings, many of them with apartments. On the east side of the park there is new part of Antwerp, Berchem, with even more apartments and houses. During the summer many like to take shorter root through the park when coming back to their homes.

During the winter this habits change. The city allows the snow to lay freely on the pads and small roads of the park. Now it is time to have fun for children.

Not every day of winter there is snow in Antwerp. Sometimes we had winters with no single day with snow. Luckily, since 2008 the snow is coming to Antwerp every winter, sometimes for month or two, sometimes for just a few weeks.

You can also do some winter sports, children can try sleds, for adults remains rather cross country skiing.

Albert Winter 2008 een pad

Although this sport is not as popular as in Scandinavia the author of this website have tried it and with success. You can run on skies close to your home and when there is enough of snow you can even come back to your home on skies.

Papa skiing Mama skiing

But after the winter always comes spring, the lives and first flowers grow and on the corners of the park city plants beautiful flowers. And they look even more beautiful after snowy winter.

Flowers Albert 1 Spring at Albert Flowers at Albert 1

In the summer it is the shade of the old trees that attracts the people although not everyone realizes that in the centre of the city there also nice places to be when the temperature in the city gets well above 30°C.

Zomer Albert 1 Zomer Albert 2

And at the end of the year the autumn paints the whole park in all colours from red to orange and yellow. I like the autumn as well as other seasons especially when I can go the some nice park.

Autumn in Albert park