Harmonie Wijk Antwerpen

Park Harmonie and the Harmonie Concert Hall

Harmonie Wijk

Harmoniezaal 2011

Welcome to Harmonie Park

Historical perspective

The terrain of the Harmonie Park has the history going back to the middle ages. At that time was here a hospital situated along the road from Antwerp to Mechelen and used to keep the people having infectious diseases outside the defensive walls of Antwerp. This hospital was destroyed in 1580 during the Thirty Years War and never restored. Zo hospital was certainly not welcomed building in the area that was used more and more for recreation activities.

The small park of about 1,6 hectare was created at the beginning of 17th century when House of Pleasance was here established. Reach merchants were using it just for temporary stay in Antwerp.

Then, in 19th century things begin to change. The musical carrier of this place started with creation of "Société d'Harmonie". Its musicians were organizing some small concerts outside the defensive walls of Antwerp and the terrain of today’s Harmonie Park was the preferred one. In 1829 this organization changed its status and name to “Koninklijke Maatschappij de Harmonie". Today, we can see how this place looked at that time only on the old postcards.  

Harmonie Zaal

The drawing above shows this terrain exactly in 1829 during inauguration of “Koninklijke Maatschappij de Harmonie".  

In 1844 the whole place was purchased by the Koninklijke Maatschappij de Harmonie and it was decided to erect new building that can provide place for music concerts.

The building of the Koninklijke Maatschappij de Harmonie was design by Pieter Dens (1819-1901) in the neoclassic style that was in fashion at that time. It was constructed during 1845-46 and in the last decennium of 19th century some changes have been made to the original design.   

On the postcard above we can see this building and part of the young park just after the changes in 1906. The trees seen on the left and right of the building still grow there.

In 1846 the building was offically opened for the public and was used for the summer concerts till 19th century. In 1922

Harmonie Park today

Drzewo 100 jaar Belgie Harmonie Zaal
Drzewo wiosna KlombHarmonie
Drzewa Wiosna Senior Klub

Klomb Panorama

Harmonie Park tomorrow

After the preparation works and selection procedures in 2007 - 2010 the works will start in 2011;

Harmonie Building 2014 Harmonie Zaal 2014

On the drawings above we can see the artistic vision of future outlook of the building and the artistic vision of future outlook of what was previously the Concert Hall.