Harmonie Wijk Antwerpen

Park Harmonie and the Harmonie Concert Hall

Harmonie Wijk

Harmoniezaal 2011


There are three smaller parks within the Harmonie Wijk territory but there are also other parks that are easily accessible for Harmonie Wijk habitants. These are located in Stadspark Wijk which is to the north - east of Harmonie Wijk and in Margravelei Wijk which is to the south – west.

In the Harmonie Wijk we do have three parks:

In the neighboring Markgravelei Wijk there are two middle size parks:

In the Stadspark Wijk there is obviously:

In general you can say that nobody living within Harmonie Wijk can complain about the shortage of parks. And there is quite a choice because each park is different as in size as in the character. Adding few other green terrains hidden between the buildings we can think about Harmonie Wijk as a green place to live.