Harmonie Wijk Antwerpen

Park Harmonie and the Harmonie Concert Hall

Harmonie Wijk

Harmoniezaal 2011

Welcome to the Harmonie Wijk

Antwerp Metropolitan Area is today divided into 9 districts and each district is divided into sub-districts called in Dutch Wijk. Some districts count many wijks some only a few. The biggest district is the Antwerp district which represents the city of Antwerp trough the centuries where the other districts were in the past small and big villages that played the role of Antwerp satellites. Harmonie Wijk is just one of 22 wijks of the Antwerp district.

The long shape of the Harmonie Wijk is just as shown on the aerial map on the right. On the top of the map which is position to the north-west-north direction, the border of the wijk territory is created by the Internal Antwerp’s Ring. Each part of this ring has another name and the Harmonie Wijk is bordering with the part having the name Britse lei, with America lei to the left and Frankrijk lei to the right.

From the opposite side facing to south-east-south direction, Harmonie Wijk is bordering not just with another wijk of Antwerp but with another district, the Berchem district.

From the right (the east side of the wijk) the border is created by the Mechelsesteenweg street that in the past was a stone road to the city of Mechelen. On the other side of Mechelsesteenweg there is the Stadspark Wijk with City Park in the middle. From the left (the west side), the Harmonie Wijk is bordering with another nice wijk, the Margrave Wijk.

Harmonie Wik Google Map

Close to the two parks on the south of the Harmonie Wijk the Mozart Street is indicated in yellow letters.