Mozart Street


This is the place where we will start our journey to see the whole world outside we are living in...

Houses and Neighbors

Mozartstraat 25

The north side of Mozart Street

As the south side of the street is composed mostly out of the apartment buildings, it is the left part of the street constructed for more reach citizens that is facing to the north.

Majority of houses on the north side have been built around the beginning of 20th century and they are called in Antwerp Herenhuis. Each of them have small garden at the back yard and these gardens are facing to the south.  

Not all the houses of the Mozart Street have been built in 20th century. One of them, shown on the left photo, is probably a bit older. Most probable construction time is somewhere in 19th century and it might be that it is the first house that was built at Mozart Street, or may be even it has been built a couple years before this street was created. 

Not trying to be an architectural expert it can be said that this house is built in some sort of Neo style. Due to my taste it can be sort of Neo-renaissance but it does not matter so much. It is very nice house, probably the most beautiful on the Mozart Street and that counts.

The others, one-family houses shown on the right photo below, are typically built at the beginning of 20th century, just before the First World War.

There are quite a lot of such houses in Antwerp so it is not surprise to find them also in Mozart Street. They are all named in Dutch "Herenhuis" as they were always built by the more reach citizens of Antwerp and these were typically titled as "de Heer” what can be translated as “Sir” in English".

They are quite luxuries with nice terraces on the back where you can hold the even party with your friends. During the nice weather you can just have your cup of coffee or even you can seat in the sun when you want to be a bit more bronzed. One of the negative things is that none of them have a garage that was originally designed by an architect. During the years 1900 and 1915 even the richer citizens did not have cars. They do not have cellars in the basement as well because at that time it was more fashioned to have a basement apartment, i.e. an apartment that was only half buried below the street level and half above having at least some daylight through the window.

Mozartstraat 5, 7, 9

These basement apartments make today very difficult to construct a garage for your car. Nevertheless, some of these houses have a garage constructed more recently but with very untypical dimensions including very low height. This makes for example impossible to park in such garage your SUV or even any bigger family car. Bon, small Porsche still can fit within.




The south side of Mozart Street

This side of the street is composed of apartment buildings built or just before the WWII or shortly after. Most of these buildings have 5 floors plus one ground floor plus one level of basement, fully below the street level.

Also all of them have electric lifts but as elsewhere in Antwerp these lifts are really very small. Recently, after newly agreed regulations by European Union that concern lifts, each lift should have for example double doors. OK but it is not only costly but there is no place to fix such double doors when the typical Antwerp lift from that time is about 1 x 1 meter or even smaller than that.

The plus side of these buildings is that they are built from classical bricks and other classical building materials what makes that the material radiation level is much lower than in buildings built in 60-ties, 70-ties or 80-ties. In 90-ties some new regulation have been put place so if somebody wants to believe that buildings built in 90-ties are better that can. In my opinion these regulations were not implemented earlier than at the beginning of the 21st century.

Another plus is that you can have garages in these buildings and in one of them they were designed by the architect. But they were designed in 50-ties and today, the biggest SUV’s still have problem to park inside. On the other hand I do not think that SUV’s were designed to be used by the inhabitants of apartment buildings in the city by this is another story.