Mozart Street


This is the place where we will start our journey to see the whole world outside we are living in...

Welcome to Mozart Street!

Mozart Street from which we start our trip is one of the streets of the city of Antwerp. It is quite small street of about 25 houses and apartment buildings. The street is more than 150 years old but it does not go back in time more than to the 19th century. At that time, around 1859, all defensive walls of Antwerp were broken down. They were considered as redundant and not providing a real defense against the modern weapons. Two years before, the emperor Franz Joseph I also decided to demolish the fortifications and to create a prestigious boulevard in the city of Wien.

Antwerp, counting at this time more than 120 000 citizens, could not house all their inhabitants inside the middle ages fortifications, the new space was needed. The new boundaries of Antwerp were drawn and these were not far from the Mozart Street, just a few hundred meters to the east. In fact Mozart Street was the last street branching from the main road leading to the city of Mechelen. Further to the east were only a small Harmonie Park and some free green space between the city of Antwerp and the next municipality of Berchem. Shortly after, the free green space became the Albert Park. The border stone between Antwerp and Berchem, as placed in 19th century, is still there.

Mozart Perspective Right

This is the south side of the street and composed mostly out of the apartment buildings. For more rich citizens is the left part of the street that is facing to the north.

Mozart Perspective Left

All these houses have been built at the beginning of 20th century and they are called in Antwerp Herenhuis. Each of them have small garden at the back yard and all these gardens are facing to the south.